About Us

The President

Ms. Lila Baylon-Macapinlac, an accomplished entrepreneur who led her companies, the travel and human resource business with humble beginnings to business deals in the Philippines and Singapore. She had impressionably turned the strict and profit-oriented business world into a remarkable world of professionalism, financial stability and health awareness through her service-oriented approach and honest desire to bring the company to its success.


Ms. Macapinlac, as President of Noble Life, leads a legacy of turning ordinary dreams to extraordinary ones – leaving a mark of a deep sense of purpose in the industry. Her passion in doing noble deeds, touching and changing people's lives paves the way to the company's relentless and unstoppable expansion across the globe.


Our Team

Leading To Success – Established in 2006, Noble Life International is founded by Ms. Lila Baylon Macapinlac who advocates the use of scientifically formulated organic healing foods for optimum health benefits. With headquarters in the Philippines pioneered by Philippine team, the company continuously flourishes with its noble deeds strengthened and inspired by astonishing and enormous health testimonials.


Empowered with its commitment to bring the amazing products accessible to the people across the globe, Noble Life International is aggressively expanding in the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, UAE, Cambodia, Thailand, Netherlands, Bahrain and Italy.


Noble deeds and touching people's lives hallmark the achievements of the company creating great opportunities to all. And the selfless sacrifices of the team in overcoming the challenges perfectly maneuver the company to its desired destinations.


Our Mission and Vision

To positively impact people's lives around the world physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially throughout our products, education, and financial opportunity.


Family: Every family will have a chance to be healthier, wealthier, and happier.


Health: Help people to prevent sickness through the most natural and effective products.


Financial: Educate our distributors in the science of wealth creation and through our rewarding payplan empower them to achieve the financial success that they deserve.


Mental: Nurture a generation of successful leader and entrepreneur who live an exemplary life.


Social: Create a generation of people whose success will empower them to contribute more love, peace, and harmony to society.