Almost a decade ago, a company that was on its way to establishing a name in the global industry, redefined the word success with it’s breakthrough system in networking. Today, Noble Life International is not only a respected name in business, but well-trusted by a fast growing number of global product users.

Cryptomonadales, Cleanse, and PPARs agonist are the three main products distributed by Noble Life. Testimonies have reached thousands proving how these health supplements have remarkably improved lives that were once greatly affected by life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, obesity, and many others.


I. Success Story


It was August 2007 when I joined Noble Life primarily to improve my health and well being. I’d been taking drugs for quite a long time for hypertension, high cholesterol, contact dermatitis and dysmenorrhea. After a month of taking cleanse for detoxification and Cryptomonadales with PPARs agonist, I gained immediate and long term health benefits. Since then, I started sharing the amazing products of Noble Life to all my relatives and friends.


Inspired by the overwhelming testimonials from product users, I decided to do NOBLELIFE full time in January 2011 and I have no regret doing it, being able to unravel my gift of dealing with people and sharing them not only health and wellness, but more so, the great opportunity of joining a great venture.


It was a tough but rewarding journey because obstacles and struggles made me a better and a stronger person. My heartfelt gratitude to the entire NLI management and staff for their unwavering support, my local and global team partners for their perseverance and hard work, our courageous president Madam Lila Baylon Macapinlac for having a big heart and giving wise counsel. Over and above, for God’s never ending guidance which helped me endure my noble life journey and reach the pinnacle of success.


If you’re looking for a company dedicated in giving you a better life through better health and wealth, our company president is sincere when she stated that, “Noble Life is for you and we are with you.”


II. Testimonials